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Pre-order Monopoly Lokeren (Autumn 2023)

Pre-order Monopoly Lokeren (Autumn 2023)

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The pearl of the Waasland. The Durme city was already an important hub in Flanders in the Middle Ages and later became a major power in hair cutting and textile industry. Today it is just natural enjoyment in the city. Parks, forests, a bustling center, the Lokerse, the Fonne, it makes Lokeren the proud city it is today. There is a market on Wednesdays, a right that Emperor Charles V once granted. Lokeren, city of horse sausages and parties. Bright (and) natural!

Monopoly Lokeren is the way to explore the city in a different way. Stroll in the Molsbroek and the Bospark, buy the Cultural Center and the Post Building or put a hotel on the Markt, rent a boat or stab a cove , ... It's all possible in this unique edition!

From 't Lammeken to d'Heirbrug, from Gezôarde to Daknam, this Monopoly edition is the must-have for all Lokerassen and Lokereirs. The most famous game in the world now has a Lokerse version, stravven toebak !

The game will be released in the fall of 2023. Do you want to be sure of a copy? Pre-order your game now!

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