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Monopoly Ypres

Monopoly Ypres

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Ypres, Cat City, Peace City and pearl of the Westhoek.

Historical sights are combined with art, culture, gastronomy and a vibrant atmosphere. Monopoly Ypres is the ideal way to (re)discover the city in a different way. Walk through the rich history and culture of the city, but be careful not to end up in jail!

Visit the cathedral on Vandenpeereboomplein, buy the Vismarkt, build a hotel on the Markt, take a walk on the Forts, go to the Ypres Rally or participate in the Cats Parade! Ypres is a city on a human scale where past, present and future embrace each other.

This Monopoly edition takes you to all the beauty that Ypres has to offer. This unique edition is a must-have for every Ypres resident or Ypres enthusiast.

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